Melissa Rivera began her career in working with at risk youth in 1997. Her first job as a caseworker for a girls group home sparked her passion for helping them navigate the world before them. In her 22 year career it has been filled with joy, frustrations and triumphs. However she never forgot the youth that counted on her on a daily basis as well as the staff who needed support too.

Ms. Rivera has grown in this journey to include a passion for educating anyone who wants to listen about how to help a youth navigate the foster care system, the education system and life. It goes without saying that Melissa has touched many lives both young and mature. She still keeps in her office the items youth have made her as a way to say thanks for hanging in with them.

Ms. Rivera is embarking on a new path of being a career coach to youth from all over the Hudson Valley. Her focus is making sure that youth understand that they don’t have to settle for a job but they should create a career path that is sustainable and enjoyable. She is gifted in listening and engaging youth to get them to think highly of themselves, to know that with a little work they are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds too.

If you are interested in hiring Ms. Rivera as a consultant for your organization, as a career coach for your youth or as a presenter at your next event, please feel free to drop her a line.

Email: Melissa@YourCreativePathLLC.com / Phone: 845.545.2895

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